Light Cure Acrylic  – LCA


CA™ Light Cure Acylic DIY Surface Repair Kit; let you make invisible repairs to chips, nicks and deep scratches on granite, quartz, marble, tile and natural stone.

With LCA™, you can repair products that damaged during production without using expensive re-firing methods. It saves from material and time, saves costs, and eliminates the risk of re-firing.

Nano-acrylic based LCA™repair solution withstands moisture, cleansers, and heats up to 140°C. It will not yellow in time and safe for food preperation areas. LCA™ is available in more than 100 colors, with custom color matching available, negating the need for repair technicians to mix colors or match onsite.

Seramik Tamiri, Seramik Karo üzerindeki lekeleri çıkarır. Granit yüzey, mermer yüzey tamiri. Sıhhi tesisat, vitrifiye tamiri sağlar.

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Example of LCA™ Application: Sanitary Ceramic Repair

seramik çatlağı tamirilavabo çatlakları nasıl tamir edilir
SCA, yüzey yapıştırıcısı, Vitrifiye Sıhhi Tesisat lavabo yüzeylerini yapıştırır, üzerindeki büyük çatlakları kırıkları tamir eder, onarır.Yüzey Yapıştırıcısı, Granit Yüzey, Mermer Yüzey

Self Cure Acrylic  – SCA


CA™ Self-Cure Acrylic Adhesive ; lets you restore previously unusable “cracked” or “scrapped” sanitary ceramic and porcelain pieces.

SCA™, is the first product ever available in the sanitary-ware industry worldwide to turn scrapped pieces into saleable inventory by repairing larger body cracks, even those below the water line.

Nano acrylic based SCA™ repair solution, reduces costs because repair costs are less than the scrap costs. It makes structurally strong, leak-proof repairs. Plants implementing SCA™   increases productivity and kiln capacity, thus decreasing energy usage and cost, while simultaneously reducing overall CO2 output.

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Example of SCA™ Application: Sanitary Ceramic Repair