Faber A3 Yellow Marble Polishing Powder

Faber A3 Yellow Polishing Powder provides excellent shine on the most difficult surfaces with its special formula. Product removes dull etches, water marks and surface scratches while renewing the materials original gloss and unifying surface aspect.

It is applicable for indoor and outdoor usage, on all lime-based materials, including marble, limestone, travertine and agglomerate marbles.

faber a3 yellow doğal taş ve mermer parlatma cilası

Marble Polishing Steps:

Proceed by small surface portions of approx. 2 sqm each. Put the quantity of product as recommended here below on the area to be treated adding a few water drops to achieave a creamy solution and work with concentric movements with a floor machine and white pad, preventing that the product dries by adding, if needed, further water drops. Continue working until the maximum brightness has been reached. The sheen degree can be easily checked during the application by removing the product from the surface and evaluating the result. Rinse the surface well with water and vacuum up the superficial residue.


40-50 m² / Kg for Polishing
50-100 m2 / Kg for Maintenance


On a honed or mat material apply 20/30 g of powder by square meter and make 20 passages at least with a floor machine.


On a worn out material undergoing high traffic put 10/20 g of powder by square meter and make 15 passages at least with a floor machine.

Technical Data for Faber A3 Yellow Marble Polishing Powder
  • High brightness
  • High hardness degree
  • Resistance to traffic
  • No wax required
  • Easy to use

  • Fast Result

  • Affordable price

It is suitable for marble, natural stone and polishing. Faber A3 Yellow provides the best result at the most affordable price.

a3 yellow doğal taş, mermer cilalama ve parlatma uygulamasi