Light Cure Acrylic  – LCA


CA™ Light Cure Acrylic DIY Repair Kit; let you make invisible repairs to chips, nicks and deep scratches on granite, quartz, marble, tile and natural stone.

Nano-acrylic based LCA™ repair solution, do not yellow in time. It is non-toxic, safe for food preperation areas.

The kit includes:

  • 1 g syringe LCA™ repair solution
  • 1 g syringe of polishing paste
  • micro applicator tip
  • sandpaper sheets
  • polishing cloth
  • spatula
  • curing strip
  • mini LED light
Seramik Tamiri, Seramik Karo üzerindeki lekeleri çıkarır. LCA DIY ev yüzey tamir seti. Granit yüzey tamiri, mermer yüzey tamiri, mutfak tezgahı tamiri, lavabo tamiri için.


How to apply:

Products are available in clear (transparent), brown, black and white colors for different surfaces.

SCA, Vitrifiye Sıhhi Tesisat ürünlerindeki büyük çatlakları kırıkları tamir eder, onarır.

Self Cure Acrylic  – SCA


SCA™ Self Cured Clear Adhesive; is best utilized as a glue for sticking  broken marble, granite, ceramic and other natural stones.

You can use it to stick broken sinks, broken toilet seat covers, marble or granite kitchen countertops in your house.

It cures (hardens) in minutes, and provides an extra strong bond.  Clear Adhesive includes 2 mix tips and 6 grams/ 5ml of repair material. It is acrylic based and do will not yellow in time. It is non-toxic and safe for food prep areas.

Kırık ve çatlak mutfak tezgahı tamiri
Toprak saksı tamiri